Sea Temperatures in Latvia

Sea temperatures for 1 locations in country Latvia. The warmest water in Latvia is in Riga where water has 10 degrees celsius. On the contrary, the lowest temperature is in Riga where water has only 10 degrees celsius. This means the difference between the warmest (Riga) and coldest (Riga) place in Latvia is 0 degrees celsius.
At the moment the warmest country in Europe is Croatia where current average water temperature is 22,4 °C. The coldest country at the moment is Russia with average water temperature 6,4 °C. Among 28 countries in Europe, currently Latvia has 22th warmest water.
The average temperature in the last month in Latvia was 9.6 °C, the highest temperature was 12 °C and the lowest temperature was 8 °C.
Below is list of towns in Latvia with information about water temperatures. You can order locations by different criteria.
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Average water temperature: 10,1°C

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