Sea Temperatures in Russia

Sea temperatures for 5 locations in country Russia. The warmest water in Russia is in Juzhno-Kuril. where water has 7 degrees celsius. On the contrary, the lowest temperature is in Nikol'skoe where water has only 4 degrees celsius. This means the difference between the warmest (Juzhno-Kuril.) and coldest (Nikol'skoe) place in Russia is 3 degrees celsius.
At the moment the warmest country in Asia is East Timor where current average water temperature is 29 °C. The coldest country at the moment is Russia with average water temperature 2,6 °C. Among 20 countries in Asia, currently Russia has 20th warmest water.
The average temperature in the last month in Russia was 3.6 °C, the highest temperature was 13 °C and the lowest temperature was -1 °C.
Below is list of towns in Russia with information about water temperatures. You can order locations by different criteria.
 Order sea temperatures by: NameWater temperaturePopularity
Cape Uelen

Average water temperature: 1,6°C


Average water temperature: 8,1°C


Average water temperature: 5,7°C

Ostrov Gol.

Average water temperature: -0,9°C

Ostrov Vize

Average water temperature: -0,8°C

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