Water temperature in Monterey CA

Sea Temperature in Monterey CA

Current water temperature: 13.1°C

Other places with similar sea surface temperature:

Marquette C.G., MI
Providence RI
New London CT
Port Inland, MI
Harbor Beach, MI
Current water temperature in Monterey CA is 13.1 degrees celsius which is 34th warmest location in USA. The warmest water in USA is in Boston MA where sea surface has 31.3 °C. This means water is 18.2 degrees colder than in Boston MA.
Among 144 towns in continent North America, Monterey CA has 35th warmest water. The warmest in continent is Boston MA (USA) with 31.3 degrees celsius.
63 percentage of locations in the world has higher temperature at the moment.
In the last month highest measured temperature in Monterey CA was 18.1 °C and the lowest temperature was 14.3 °C. Average temperature in the last month was 16.4 °C.
In longer period of time the highest measured temperature was 19.6 °C and the lowest measured temperature was 11.5 °C.
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